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Whales Ornament-Pewter

Whales Ornament-Pewter

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Whales and dolphins belong to the same family of great ocean mammals. This remarkable group includes the great blue whale, sperm whale, the acrobatic humpback and the noisy and sociable beluga. Sharing a kinship, and frequently seen swimming alongside the whales, are the highly intelligent and communicative dolphins. This ornament is my salute to the mystery and beauty of these great animals. Trimmed with a burgundy ribbon, each ornament is ready for hanging on the Christmas tree or in a window. It comes packaged in a burgundy gift envelope that is convenient for gift giving or mailing. 

  • 2.75"H.
  • Weight:  0.02 lb
  • Made in Canada

 About Amos Pewter:

The artisans at Amos Pewter are proud to be keepers of time-honoured pewter practices and methods while at the same time offering innovative designs inspired by nature and beautiful coastal surroundings. The artisans carefully ladle hot, free-flowing molten pewter from the melting pot and capture it in a spinning mould formed from a wax sculpture carved in detail to mirror the original hand-drawn design. Once removed from the mould, each piece is carefully hand-finished in a process that ensures excellence in craftsmanship. Amos Pewter was the first artisan shop in Nova Scotia to become a member of the international Economusee network whose mission is to showcase traditional trades and skills.

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