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Ornament, Two Token Whale

Ornament, Two Token Whale

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Hand made First Nations Whale Christmas ornament featuring the original artwork of Daniel Puglas.

Daniel's artwork has been printed on tokens made from real wood which have been enhanced with Swarovski elements. 

  • Double circle - 2 wooden tokens with S hook, Swarovski accents, and a whale tail pendant. (approx 7" from tip of S hook to tip of tail)
  • Hand Made in Canada

To the West coast First Nations people, the whale symbolizes kindness, intelligence and compassion, and is known as the guardian of the sea. Orca whales often travel in family groups known as pods, and hunt in packs like the wolf, and therefore are also referred to as sea wolves. The whale is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life and are known for their strong sense of family values. They can also be a symbol for unity and goodness

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