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Three Whales - TriGrey T-Shirt

Three Whales - TriGrey T-Shirt

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"Our Friends in the Sea!"

  • Super soft poly cotton blend
  • Made in United States of America

About Adam the graphic designer: "My name is Adam and I started The Poster List in 2006 and currently live in Long Beach California.

I’ve been a graphic designer since I was 14 (47 now) and have grown up with skateboarding, surfing, punk rock. Originally from Canada I escaped the cold for sunny Southern California.

We make graphic tees and posters which are sold to stores/boutiques around the world and seen in a ton of television and movies.

For people discovering us from Tom Green, Tom and I met in 1988 and grew up skateboarding together in Ottawa.  Tom Green has been wearing our t-shirts on "Celebrity Big Brother" and most recently on his Youtube Van life Channel as he travels the US and Canada on a pandemic solo journey".

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