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Sterling Silver Lacrosse Goalie Pendant

Sterling Silver Lacrosse Goalie Pendant

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A traditional "woody" style Lacrosse goalie stick designed & finished by Mohawk Nation artist Yonenyà:kenht Jesse Brant, and shared in sterling silver. This product is proudly designed, made & finished in Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.

  • Stick is 2in in length, and 3.17gm of .925 (sterling) silver
  • Pendant comes with a sterling silver chain
  • Made in Canada

The Haudenosaunee People are widely credited as the inventors of the game of Lacrosse; however they often say the game was received as a Gift from our first ancestors in the Skyworld. In the Haudenosaunee Creation Story, the Skywoman falls through a large hole in the Skyworld and plummets to the Waterworld below. In one account of the story a lacrosse player shape shifts into a comet and travels alongside Skywoman. Realizing he doesn't have the power to stop her from falling, he instead gifts her with tools she needs to survive; a corn pounder, and his own medicine lacrosse stick. Lacrosse is a medicine game in both the Skyworld and here on Turtle Island and is played to lift the minds of the people and was used traditionally to resolve issues to avoid war.  Today, Lacrosse is recognized as the official summer sport of Canada.

  • Tewa'áraton (de-wu'-AW-la-doon) is the Mohawk name for the traditional medicine game of lacrosse.
  • Tehontsikhwá'ek's (day-hoon-gee-KWA-ex) is the Mohawk name for the modern, organized sports game of Lacrosse.
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