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Sterling Silver Caribou Antler Pendant

Sterling Silver Caribou Antler Pendant

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The Caribou is the true Leader of the North; the presence of their massive herds across the arctic tundra a sign of plenty and prosperity for the Inuit and other Indigenous peoples who follow their migration closely for sustenance.

The caribou as a staple cannot be over emphasized; they are a source of food, medicine, toolmaking, fur & sinew for clothing and shelter. The leader of the four-legged in the north shares a lesson of resilience for us all; every part of the animal taking the ingenuity of Indigenous peoples to create a physical, cultural, ceremonial, utilitarian and artisanal source of strength. In the tundra nothing is wasted; everything deserves our gratitude and to be honoured.

  • Pendant is sterling silver, measures 1.5 inch in length and weighs 3 grams
  • Pendant comes with a sterling chain & bale.
  • Made in Canada

Sapling & Flint is a jewellery & accessories manufacturer that specializes in gold & sterling silver. They are a CCAB Certified Aboriginal Business, owned by Mohawk Nation citizens Dakota & Jesse Brant and operating fully on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, supporting the local Indigenous economy.

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