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Cast Away Sailors Wreath - Aqua

Cast Away Sailors Wreath - Aqua

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Reclaimed Lobster Rope Sailors Wreath is a knot that has been handcrafted for centuries and was originally crafted aboard ship for decorative purposes. This inter-woven wreath is woven with a single length of reclaimed rope. Available in Aqua, the most common lobster fishing rope color. 

  • 13 Inch Diameter
  • Made in Canada

All For Knot Rope Weaving Inc. is in the business of reclaiming and keeping traditional Maritime history alive. For anyone seeking nautical décor to “Connect with the Sea,” they are the leading provider of traditional, hand woven, knot products crafted with the highest quality rope and traditional finishes.

Situated in central Nova Scotia, Canada, on the Bay of Fundy with some of the worlds’ highest tides. Lobster fishing communities on the Bay, Northumberland Strait, and Atlantic Ocean are a short drive away.

All For Knots’ intent is to keep history alive, rope out of landfills, and create designs that generate memories that “Connect with the Sea” allowing folks to experience the ocean at their door, wherever that may be.

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