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Plush - Spike Narwhal Turquoise, Medium

Plush - Spike Narwhal Turquoise, Medium

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If you’re looking for some fantasy fun, let Spike the magical Narwhal stuffed animal be your guide! His colorful design features cuddly turquoise colored plush and a long spiraled horn. Springy polyester fill gives him a plump form that’s squeezably soft and perfect for hugs or as a playful pillow. Sea foam green spots dapple Spike’s back and bright blue sparkle eyes lend him his lively expression. Spike the plush Narwhal is a lovable friend whose vibrant colors and fanciful design will bring cheer and brightness to any space!

  • Weight:  5.7 oz
  • Dimensions:  9 × 5 × 8 in
  • Age:  24 Months & Up
  • SIZE:  15" / 28 cm Long Without Horn
  • Surface wash only

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