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Blue Whale Sculpture in Aluminum

Blue Whale Sculpture in Aluminum

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The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet, and can reach a maximum confirmed length of 98 feet and can weigh up to 199 tonnes. They generally are solitary, or are known to gather in small groups with no well-defined social structure other than mother-calf bonds. There are populations of sub-species of blue whales located around the world and they are considered filter feeders whose diet consists almost exclusively of krill. 

  • Small with Stand:  2.99x1.6x0.87”  - 0.67 oz 
  • Medium with Stand:  5.91x2.95x1.42” - 5.33 oz
  • Large with Stand:  9.92x4.92x2.36” - 1.57 lbs 
  • Made in Canada 

RCI Studios is proud to announce their first collection of aluminum fine art pieces. Each of these extraordinary sculptures are crafted by hand on-site in their foundry. Using a process with excellent attention to detail and quality, each piece is an example of quality craftsmanship.

This Whale Collection by artist, Robin Ozard, is comprised of Orca, Blue, Beluga, Right, Sperm, and Humpback whale sculptures cast in aluminum.

Size and shape of rock stand will vary. 

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