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Giant Squid Plush GB

Giant Squid Plush GB

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 These monsters of the deep are the biggest of the living cephalopods and largest living invertebrate known to the world. They are still one of the most unknown of any species in the ocean.

 They have the biggest eyes of all animals in the world! They can be the size of an average dinner plate - used to navigate through the pitch-black depths they thrive in.

❃ Giant squid are generally a favorite pray of the sperm whale in the deep dark depths. The scars often found on these whales are the the result of the suckers of the giant squid that are armed with toothed horny rings!  

  • Type Plush Toy for Ages 3+
  • Size: Large:
  • Tail to last tentacle - 130cm(51.2")
  • Tail to mouth - 55cm(21.7")
  • Material Plush & PP Cotton
  • Color As Pictured
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