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Hallucigenia Model

Hallucigenia Model

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This highly detailed model (140 mm long x 125 mm high - scale 3:1) is made of composite gypsum and plastic materials and has been created by paleoartist Bruce Currie using state of the art 3D printing technology. After initial printing the model undergoes a secondary process that enhances surface quality, accentuates colouration and provides protection against UV damage and handling. This model also receives a small amount of hand finishing before being packaged.

  • This is a carefully researched model
  • 14 cm long x 12.5 cm high - scale 3:1)/ 5.5" long x 4.9" high

NB: Due to its fine nature and the need to avoid shipping damage this model requires a small amount of assembly upon delivery. All Hallucigenia model parts will arrive fully prepared and with detailed assembly instructions.

 Hallucigenia sparsa is an extinct marine creature from the Cambrian period (~505 mya). Found amongst the famous Burgess Shale it is thought to be part of the Lobopodia group and indirectly related to modern velvet

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