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Bothriolepis Model

Bothriolepis Model

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This anatomically accurate model (155mm long - scale 1:3) has been created by paleoartist Bruce Currie with feedback from leading paleontologist Dr Alex Ritchie.

The model is produced using state of the art 3D printing technology. After initial printing the model undergoes a secondary process that enhances surface quality, accentuates colouration and provides protection against UV damage and handling. This model also receives a small amount of hand finishing before being packaged.

  • This is a carefully researched model
  • 6.10 inches/15.5 cm

Bothriolepis yeungae is an extinct placoderm of the Late Devonian period (~ 360 mya). It had a heavily armoured body and distinctive spine-like pectoral fins and grew up to 500 mm in length.


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