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Marrella Model

Marrella Model

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This finely detailed, museum grade model (100 mm body length) is made of durable, full-colour plastic and has been printed using state of the art 3D printing technology.

After initial printing the model undergoes a secondary process that enhances surface quality, accentuates colouration and provides protection against UV damage and handling. This model also receives a small amount of hand finishing before being packaged.

  • This model has been carefully researched and sculpted by paleoartist Bruce Currie under the guidance of Associate Professor Diego Garcia-Bellido of the University of Adelaide
  • 3.93 inches/10 cm body length

Marrella splendens is an extinct Cambrian stem-group arthropod that flourished during the Middle Cambrian period (~ 500 mya). It is one of the most emblematic Paleozoic organisms - closely associated with the concept of the "Cambrian Explosion" and consequently our understandings of evolutionary biology.

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