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Animals of the Burgess Shale

Animals of the Burgess Shale

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These first animals come from the 505 Million-year-old Burgess Shale in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia.

In 1975, Dr Desmond Collins led the first ROM expedition to the Burgess Shale collecting many thousands of unique and bizarre fossils over the years.

The Primeval Predators series includes: Pikaia (a probable chordate from the same animal group as human), Laggania (a predatory dinocarid arthropod), Olenoides (a trilobite arthropod), Opabinia (a predatory dinocarid arthropod) and Wiwaxia (a mollusc-like organism).  These are just five of the many strange creatures that lived in this amazing lost world more than half a billion years ago.

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