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Enough Water

Enough Water

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Children are aware that they should not waste water -- "turn off the tap when you brush your teeth", "take a quick shower". But do they understand why? And that they could do more?

In Enough Water? children will discover the reasons that water warrants concern. In simple text, the book explains the actual "cost" of the water that sustains their lifestyle. This "water footprint" is the amount of freshwater used to produce the goods and services they consume, including manufacturing, growing, harvesting, packaging, and shipping to market where they buy it. The human water footprint contributes to an irreversible loss of Earth's finite water supply.

Aimed at children, the clear infographics show how much water is used to make everyday things -- what they wear, what they eat, and so on. The examples will shock: 240 gallons of water (visually comparable to 240 ice cream containers!) to make a smartphone; 92.5 gallons to make a T-shirt and 2,100 for jeans; and 634 gallons to make a cheeseburger (no toppings). The water footprint of just one bottle of cola is equivalent to 350 bottles of water which if stacked on top of each other would reach the roof of a 25-story building.

The clever, easily understood infographics raise awareness of how our all-consuming lifestyle is literally made of water.

  • Title:  Enough Water?: A Guide To What We Have And How We Use It
  • Format:  Hardcover
  • Product dimensions:  72 pages, 9 X 9 X 0.25 in
  • Published:  October 4, 2016
  • Publisher:  Firefly Books
  • Language:  English
  • Appropriate for ages:  9 - 12
  • ISBN - 13:9781770858190
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