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3D Lenticular Dinosaur Fact Cards - Green

3D Lenticular Dinosaur Fact Cards - Green

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Check out these Dinosaur Fact Cards. Each color pack includes 16 unique Dinosaur cards with 3D art on the front and dinosaur specific information on the back.

Green Pack Includes

- Aquilops - Nasutoceratops

- Baryonyx - Pteranodon

- Cryolophosaurus - Rinchenia

- Edmontosaurus - Saltasaurus

- Gastonia - Sinosauropteryx

- Iguanodon - Stegosaurus

- Liopleurodon - Troodon

- Mammoth - Tyrannosaurus

Also available in a red pack or a blue pack, 48 cards in total to complete the collection.

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