Mexico: Clothing & Culture

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Textiles are an essential part of Mexico’s enduring legacy. Over the course of four millennia, many cultures have flourished. The Maya, the Aztec and other major civilizations developed distinctive forms of adornment and dress. The Spanish Conquest of 1521 brought European garment styles, raw materials, skills and design motifs. Contemporary textiles owe their range and vitality to this fusion of traditions. Ceaselessly evolving, Mexican textiles combine prodigious technical prowess with exquisite artistry. This publication tells the fascinating story of Mexican textiles. From sarapes and rebozos to splendid examples of beadwork, constructed from, minuscule imported glass beads, the author covers the evolution of male and female dress, and the vast range of techniques used by spinners, dyers, weavers and embroiderers. Chloë Sayer offers a scholarly yet readable introduction to the important field of cultural textiles. This landmark reference work appeals to the many audiences passionate about Mexican history and culture, textiles, and design in general.

By: Chloë Sayer with contributions by Alexandra Palmer.
Paperback: 176 pages.
Published by Royal Ontario Museum.