Africa in the Market: Twentieth-Century Art from the Amrad African Art Collection

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While many publications focus on the aesthetics and symbolism of African art, few explore the historical dynamics and exchanges that have informed the way people in Africa have created, preserved, collected, and sold their artworks to local and foreign patrons. The book addresses key issues of market trends, the transformation in taste and aesthetics in relation to changing historical conditions, and the role of artisans, traders, and collectors in mediating knowledge and value in the international art market.

Richly illustrated, Africa in the Market introduces to the public the artwork in the Amrad African Art collection at the Royal Ontario Museum. The collection illustrates the creative achievements and cultural meanings of art objects produced and/or collected at a time of great international expansion of the market for African art. The objects are framed and interpreted within essays that highlight the significant role that African makers and dealers have played in shaping Western understanding of African art. 

The book explores the significance of 20th century artistic production as a material component of local traditions and, at the same time, as artifacts circulating in a global market where local specificities are often lost. 

Edited by: Silvia Forni and Christopher B. Steiner

Silvia Forni is Curator of Anthropology at the Royal Ontario Museum. She is also Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Toronto where she teaches Anthropology of Material Culture, Enthnography of Africa and Anthropology of Art.

Christopher B. Steiner is a Lucy C. McDannel '22 Professor of Art History and Anthropology and Director of Museum Studies at Connecticut College. He is the author of award-winning book African Art in Transit and co-editor with Ruth B. Phillips of the volume Unpacking Culture: Art and Commodity in Colonial and Postcolonial World's.