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Museum Secrets Box Set Volume 1

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Within each museum, the stories of 6 irreplaceable treasures are uncovered - the Mona Lisa, Sitting Bull's Headdress, the golden mask of King Tut, and many more. Museum Secrets is a captivating blend of spectacular photography in museums and their hidden spaces, hands-on experiments by leading researchers and graphic novel animation storytelling. 

In these episodes you'll find a vast storeroom where millions of once-living creatures float in formaldehyde and a noisy workshop where curators in hard-hats piece bones together into skeletons of colossal dinosaurs. When a story moves outside the museum, we follow: to the grounds of a medieval French chateau to recreate a fatal jousting accident, and down into a 50 foot hole in the Egyptian desert to stand inside the tomb of Ramesses the Great. 

Museum Secrets, Volume 1, Episodes:

The Louvre (Paris)
The Egyptian Museum (Cairo)
The National History Museum (London)
The Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto)